Nearby Rustic Road and Pine Creek

There are few properties in the area that can boast being just a short walk down the Rustic Road and into the heart of beautiful Pine Creek. Located just above the Pine Creek valley, Great Oaks Vineyard is the ideal “trailhead” for a morning walk to start the day, as serenity and seasonal wonder abound there. Off the beaten track, in spring it’s a haven for migratory birds as they make their way north along the Mississippi Flyway and is lush with native wildflowers, wild leeks and watercress not seen in more cultivated areas. In summer, the dense woods feel cool as clouds of steam rise from the bottoms after a rainstorm. In fall, the autumn smells and vibrant changes of color envelop and intoxicate you. Then finally, in winter, the path becomes the perfect peaceful place for a snowshoe. The Rustic Road into Pine Creek will feel like a secret that only you — and the local fauna — know about. And so close to home.

As you meander down the Rustic Road, small spring-fed streams cross your path four times. These streams emerge from springs at the base of the surrounding bluffs and culminate into Pine Creek, which flows into the Mississippi at Lake Pepin.

Pine Creek is one of the best places to fish for brook trout in Western Wisconsin — the water is so clear and the trout so abundant, that it’s a must for any angler. This creek is extra special in the area — in 2009, a total of 2,538 feet of stream banks were restored. With more work continuing in subsequent years, this effort has made it once again a decisive flowing body of water with viable wildlife calling it home. The trout have responded in kind, growing to populations of 2,000 to 3,400 trout per mile.